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Field Rules


     1. Follow the AMA Flight Safety Code, which include:

       a. No flying behind the flight line. 
       b. No aircraft will be flown without first being range checked for
           radio problems.

       c. When starting your aircraft, please try not to blow your exhaust
           on spectators, cars, and other aircraft.

       d. All flyers must have AMA insurance to fly at this site.

2. The field owner requires that we avoid spilling fuel on the ground. Use a
       fuel recovery system. A small tank placed under the vent or exhaust
       works fine. While draining tanks, DO NOT DUMP FUEL ON THE GROUND!

3. All pilots must comply with applicable FAA rules. In particular:

       a. Flight hours are from 9:00 am until 30 minutes before sunset. Please
           note that the sprinklers on the field may go off at any time.

       b. All pilots flying models with AUW of 0.55 lbs or greater must be
           registered with the FAA's UAS program, and must display the FAA
           issued identification number on their models (more info at

       c. Stay below 400'.

4. Fixed- and rotary-wing crafts do not mix. Fixed-wing and rotary-wing
       crafts MUST FLY in their respective designated flyover areas. The
       designated area for fixed-wing crafts is over and north of the runway,
       that is east of the access road. The designated area for rotary-wing
       crafts is to the south and west of the pits/parking area.

   5. Site Security is our responsibility! Only club members and their guests
       can access the site. When we enter the field, please close the gate behind
       you and re-lock it, UNLESS YOU FIND THE GATE ALREADY OPEN. Be sure,
       if you're the last one to leave, to make sure no unauthorized cars are in
       the facility. If there are, you need to ask them to move their vehicles
       outside the gate and LOCK it behind them.
   6. Please take your trash away with you. This is something else that will
       cost us the use of this site.
   7. An effective muffler must be used on all aircraft engines flown at the
       club. No open exhausts or "exhaust shutter" systems are allowed.

   8. Keep a watchful eye out for full-size aircraft.

   9. No playing "Tag" with the birds!

  10. BEFORE turning on any radios, make sure that your frequency is clear.
       ASK, ASK, ASK and CHECK the FREQUENCY BOARD. Place ONLY your
       Flying Tigers membership card in the frequency slot. AMA cards are not
       proof of club membership! 

 11. This is a family oriented club. Please refrain from the use of vulgar
       language and profanity in the presence of spouses or children.

 12. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES!!!!! Aircraft and alcoholic beverages
       do not mix!!

 13. Please help less experienced flyers when they need help. This sport will
       fizzle out and die if new people don't learn to enjoy the pleasures of 
       model flying.

 14. Greet and welcome visitors who may come to this site. Nothing is more
       discouraging to a potential member or a visiting flyer than to be ignored
       when they come to our field. Think about how you would feel!

 15. Encourage any new flyers to observe our rules.

 16. To report an emergency: Dial 911. NEED TO PROVIDE LOCATION.

 17. Smoking/vaping is not permitted in the pit and parking area. If you need
       to smoke, go for a walk. The property is big.